The Left's Version of 'Legitimate Rape'

By Daniel Greenfield
August 27, 2012

The progressives have picked a spectacularly bad time to attack Republicans over insensitivity to rape. While the left continues its obsession with Todd Akin, its own hero, Julian Assange, is doing his best to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face rape charges.

The leading lights of the left have contributed to Assange’s defense fund and paid for his bail; which enabled him to flee prosecution and seek asylum in Ecuador’s embassy in London. Assange’s escape was made possible by bail money from leftist director Ken Loach, leftist socialite Jemima Khan and Maxim publisher Felix Dennis.

With the Assange case, the left has shown that it has its own version of legitimate rape. Prominent progressives have ridiculed Assange’s victims and claimed that the assaults on them did not constitute legitimate rape. Or as Whoopi Goldberg once put it, “rape-rape.”

Michael Moore, discussing the case where Assange raped a sleeping woman, told the BBC that the assault was only a “so-called crime” and suggested that it “wouldn’t actually be a crime if it was committed in Britain.” Moore has shown his faith in Assange’s legitimate rape by donating $20,000 to Assange’s defense fund.

Recently Michael Moore teamed up with Oliver “Hitler was misunderstood” Stone to write a New York Times editorial that claimed Ecuador’s refusal to hand over a rape suspect was “in accordance with important principles of international human rights” and ladled on conspiracy theories to avoid dealing with the fact that the left had chosen to back a progressive rapist over his victims.

Keith Olbermann went even further than Moore, retweeting a link from Bianca Jagger to an article written by a neo-Nazi Holocaust denier that named Assange’s victims and accused them of working for the CIA. UK Left-wing activist Craig Murray named one of the victims, prefacing his statement by saying, “Let us look at the conduct of these women.”

Daniel Ellsberg, of Pentagon Papers fame, branded the rape charges false and slanderous. Naomi Wolf suggested that Assange’s accusers don’t deserve to have their anonymity protected by rape shield laws and accused them of “using feminist-inspired rhetoric and law to assuage what appears to be personal injured feelings.”

George Galloway, who became a hero to the American left for his defense of Saddam Hussein, said that even if the two women were telling the truth, the only thing that Assange was really guilty of was “bad sexual etiquette.” Galloway is currently a part-time Muslim and it is hard to say whether his notion that rape is just “bad sexual etiquette” is rooted in him being a bad human being or in the pages of the Koran.

Ecuador’s leftist leader Rafael Correa echoed Galloway, saying that “the case would not in his view constitute criminal behavior in Latin America.” That might explain why over half of Ecuador’s schoolgirls have reported experiencing sexual abuse in schools. It might also explain why Daniel Camargo Barbosa, one of the worst rapists and serial killers in history, chose, like Assange, to escape to Ecuador and was able to kill 71 girls there in two years.

Domestic abuse and sexual assault are commonplace in Ecuador and most rapes go unreported. That, along with its left-wing government, makes Ecuador a natural destination of choice for Julian Assange. And the horrors in Ecuador have not stopped the left from holding a vigil outside Ecuador’s embassy in support of Assange and Ecuador’s leftist regime.

The Occupy Wall Street movement sent out a message urging an occupation of the British consulate in solidarity with Assange. The Occupy movements had become notorious for their sexual assaults, including the abuse of a 14-year-old girl. Occupy Baltimore had put out a pamphlet urging members not to report sexual assaults to the police. When a19-year-old girl was raped at Occupy Cleveland, Occupiers accused her, like Assange’s victims, of being a plant, giving us another glimpse of progressive rape culture.

Assange’s case is not unique. The Democratic Party is deeply tainted by activists who support rapists.
Recently, Jesse Jackson led a rally in Oklahoma for convicted rapist Darrell Williams. Williams had dragged one woman through a backyard and sexually assaulted her and had also assaulted another woman at that same party. Williams was convicted of two counts of rape by instrumentation and one count of sexual battery. In his defense, Jesse Jackson said, “Jesus was innocent, but convicted.”
Al Sharpton, like Jesse Jackson, also has a history of defending rapists. One of Sharpton’s most infamous moments, in a career full of them, was his involvement in the Dunbar Village case.

The full details of the Dunbar Village case are too horrific to go into at any length, but the crimes perpetrated there included the gang rape of a mother and the torture of her 12-year-old son. Both the victims and perpetrators in the Dunbar Village case were black. But Al Sharpton and the NAACP still chose speak out on behalf of the rapists while standing with their family members.

Todd Akin has never spoken at a Republican National Convention. But Al Sharpton spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. Jesse Jackson spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 1984, 1988 and 2000. The Democratic Party has yet to disavow either man.

Michael Moore was a high-profile guest at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. The Democratic Party has yet to disavow him. Two Democratic presidents have been accused of sexual assault, as have two Democratic senators who ran for president: Edward Kennedy and Chris Dodd.

Democratic Congressman David Wu was forced to resign just last year for forcing himself on a teenage girl. That same year Democratic Congressman Dale Kildee was accused of sexual abuse by a family member and Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings was sued for sexual harassment.

The Democratic Party has never addressed its rape culture. Instead its politicians constantly harp on the importance of keeping abortion in the case of rape legal. With their track record, it is not hard to figure out why. The alternative, as Mary Jo Kopechne found out, involves killing both the mother and her child.

The question that intelligent people should ask themselves is whether what Todd Akin said was worse than what Ted Kennedy did? Is what Todd Akin said worse than aiding actual rapists as Michael Moore, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done? Is what Todd Akin said worse than trying to cover up actual rapes the way that Occupy Wall Street has done?

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